Idaho Public Employees Association has been standing up for

Idaho Public Employees since 1959!

This organization was formed for the purpose of starting PERSI, and we successfully had a public employee retirement plan set up by 1963.


IPEA President Gwen Smith and Director-At-Large Connie Charlton at the Idaho State Capitol


  • We counsel our members in the appropriate avenue to address workplace problems.
  • We represent our members in the problem-solving process, including representing them at disciplinary hearings when appropriate. 
  • We coordinate and pay for legal representation when all other avenues of resolution have failed to produce acceptable results.

IPEA ADVOCATES for our members

  • We advocate at the Statehouse for our members' wages, benefits, and working conditions.
  • We lobby to bring pro-public employee legislation forward and to encourage adequate funding of state and local government.
  • We lobby the state legislature and the administration for all issues contained in our platform.
  • We fight to maintain PERSI as a Defined Benefit plan and for fair COLAs for our retirees

IPEA EDUCATES our members

  • We keep our members informed about changes in employment law and workplace rights.
  • We research candidates and offer endorsements for those candidates we believe will support public employees. 
  • We monitor newspapers and other media outlets for all over the state to keep our members informed about state and local government issues.

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